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We create the best performing, most astonishingly beautiful user interfaces for any screen and any device. We do this using awesome design, optimized technology, and constant experimentation with emerging technologies and paradigms.

TAT has a long history of working with mobile and embedded technology. We designed for the first mobile phone color screen, and over the years we’ve learned the makings of a great UI, from a design, technology, and usability perspective.

We work with companies across the spectrum, from hardware and software platform vendors, to mobile device OEM’s, the automotive industry, consumer electronics manufacturers, network operators and service providers. As part of our design and technology prototyping, we also do field testing and UX previews with end users.

  1. ASUS
  2. Google
  5. orange
  6. PayPal
  8. S60
  9. Spotify
  10. Sony Ericsson
  11. T-Mobile
  12. Volvo Trucks

UI framework

Our UI framework, TAT Cascades, powers user interfaces in millions of devices. It accelerates 2D and 3D graphics rendering and provides easy layout and flow logic, making it ideal for rapid development and prototyping. With TAT Cascades, you have easy access to graphical effects that are not available in the standard versions of the platforms, and the rendering engine maximizes the utilization of the available hardware.

Cascades already runs on many different operating systems and device hardware, and support is easily added for new platforms. Once built, modifying and moving it between platforms requires very little work. This often results in large cost- and time savings.

The UI framework is constantly evolving. Innovation gets a lot of attention at TAT, and experimentation with new technologies and paradigms is used to fuel new features in Cascades, allowing our customers to remain on the cutting edge of their industries.

The Cascades suite comes with great development tools, including a graphical editor, performance analyzer, and developer site with documentation and examples. TAT also offers a number of services related to our products, including support, UI development, and education.

UI turnkey

We offer turnkey solutions based on TAT Cascades, software bundled with design that can differentiate and add value to a device with zero time to market. The solutions can then be customized at given levels. All solutions are designed with the “bend but not break” philosophy in mind, i.e. staying fully compliant with standard APIs without breaking functionality.

TAT Home

TAT Home is our gesture-powered 3D home screen for Android™ that combines advanced UI technology with astonishing design. Unlike most other home screen replacements, TAT Home supports all standard Android features, e.g. widgets, shortcuts, wallpapers and folders. This means you can change the look and feel of the Android home screen, and add custom widgets, for example, placing customer service functionality on the top level of the UI.

Live Wallpapers

An even faster way to differentiate the Android UI is with Live Wallpapers. TAT offers custom, out-of-the-ordinary Live Wallpapers that we build for you using TAT Cascades. All of our interactive Live Wallpapers are designed to take full advantage of the device GPU.

UI Design &

TAT creates your UI from the ground up; whether you’re just establishing your UI vision or are in the first phase of product development, TAT will be there every step of the way. We’ll help set up interaction paradigms and style, and even create interactive sketches directly on your device.

When you need optimized flows and graphics, require a high fidelity prototype or want help building an entire UI, TAT’s teams will deliver. You’ll get the most engaging and differentiating UIs available today.


TAT has a long history of prototyping on device, and can help you explore new ideas. Your run of the mill design firm may come up with great concepts, strategies and video presentations, but in the end that doesn’t quite cut it. In reality, if a concept is not on a device, it really doesn’t exist.

It’s not until you can explore the concept on a real device that you’ll know if it is worth implementing and putting on the market. Otherwise, you won’t know how far you can push it on the chosen hardware platform. In our cross-functional teams, prototyping is an essential part of the design process; we treat technology as an advantage rather than a hindrance. We also work closely with hardware and software platform vendors to test and implement new paradigms that are made possible with new technologies.