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There’s no place lik TAT Home

There’s no place like TAT Home

TAT Home is a custom home screen for Android, with interactive 3D widgets and gesture navigation. It also includes full support for standard Android™ widgets, shortcuts, wallpapers and folders.

With TAT Home, device manufacturers and operators can change the look and feel of the Android home screen, and add custom widgets, e.g. placing customer services functionality on the top level of the UI. Unlike most other home screen replacements, TAT Home supports all standard Android features.

3D widgets that pop

Widgets run in a full 3D scene with geometry, textures, lights, camera, animation and effects. Create your widgets in any standard 3D software and export directly to TAT Cascades, the world’s leading UI engine for mobiles.

Widget overview with gesture switching

The widget overview gives you a stunning overview of all widget panes and lets you know in a glance if anything has happened across your widgets. Thanks to the ingenious gesture-powered design, you can instantly jump to any pane with the flick of a thumb. In a matter of days your muscle memory will know where widgets are placed and navigation will be completely seamless.

Completely customizable

Take TAT Home as is or do deep customization by creating a signature widget overview, adding widgets and matching it all with your brand and hardware.

Powerful widget management

The widget overview lets you drag and drop shortcuts and widgets across panes.

Production quality effects

Leveraging TAT Cascades, widgets can use advanced blending modes, vector graphics, take multi-sensory input, be surrounded by particles, have physics in them or between them - pretty much anything you can think of, really.

Seamless sizes and states

Widgets can morph between mutliple sizes and states to provide richer and more app-like interaction without stealing too much real estate.

Any hardware

TAT Home is designed for and delivers on all standard Android screen+CPU/GPU combinations.

Fully Featured

TAT Home comes with a widget compositing engine that seamlessly blends Android & Cascades widgets. Furthermore, TAT Home supports all standard features like shortcuts, live wallpapers and folders.

Rapid development of rich user interfaces

Rapid development
of rich user interfaces

TAT Cascades, our XML-based user interface framework, is built to meet the demands of advanced, design-driven interface development and prototyping.

Description of our integration of Cascades into CFA
Image of different devices which uses TAT Cascades

Amazing visual effects with optimal performance

TAT Cascades is an excellent tool for quickly building stunning, graphically rich user interfaces. Originally created for constrained environments and designed to bring out the most of the available hardware, Cascades lets you create high-end user interfaces on mid-end hardware platforms - and groundbreaking UIs on advanced platforms with dedicated GPUs. You have easy access to animations, transformations, blending modes, particle effects, and the latest in 3D and OpenGL ES shaders.

Rapid prototyping, development and customization

TAT Cascades separates appearance from functionality, using XML to define both appearance and UI flow. This means you can develop the graphics independently of the underlying code. The result: highly customizable, easily scaled UIs. Need to test your designs before you decide on the right solution? TAT Cascades makes it easy; you can get a prototype running on your target device in no time. In development, the separation of UI and logic lets you make changes to the UI with minimal impact on the underlying code. It is also easy to customize for different markets and models.

Image of several digital dasboards which is customized by TAT Cascades
Image of platforms which are among those which can utilize TAT Cascades

Cross-platform scalability

Cascades is platform independent and runs on pretty much anything from a simple scheduler to an advanced embedded OS. This includes most proprietary and open operating systems. Once developed for one platform, your UI is easily migrated to other systems, saving development time and ensuring a consistent experience across platforms.

Great development tools

With TAT Motion Lab you can combine your own code with objects and snippets from the included library, lay things out using drag-and-drop, and adjust the XML directly with instant preview and code validation. Deploy directly to the device and verify that it is running smoothly with the TAT Monitor profiler. Cascades also comes with a suite of examples and a continuously growing developer site with documentation and tutorials.

Image of Motion Lab and a cellphone running TAT Cascades
Image of an evolving cellphone

Future proof, evolving and extendable

At TAT, we experiment with emerging UI paradigms and work closely with suppliers of enabling technologies. This knowledge is used to fuel new features in the ever-evolving Cascades framework, allowing the most demanding customers in the world to remain on the cutting edge of their industries.

Thoroughly battle tested

TAT Cascades is the world’s most widely deployed 3rd-party UI framework for constrained systems, and is used by most major device manufacturers. It is used on many types of screens, including mobile phones, automotive clusters, TVs and downloadable apps.

To date, more than 470 million devices and 200 models run TAT technology. This year, TAT technology is behind the UI in more than 15% of all mobile phones and more than 20% of all touch phones shipped.

Images of different Cascades-based UIs
Boost your Android UI

Boost your Android UI

Our main product which Cascades for Android is built on

TAT Cascades for Android is a pre-integration of the TAT UI framework on the Android platform. It extends the standard Android components with the full flora of TAT Cascades UI capabilities, effects and transitions. This lets you build graphically rich apps for Android, such as music players, address books, photo galleries, home screen replacements, live wallpapers, application switchers and more!

Cascades for Android provides a simple-to-use Java API that uses open Android APIs to ensure compatibility with future versions.

Build astonishing applications to differentiate

With Cascades for Android you can use 3D components like planes, meshes, transforms and cameras to create your user interface. Apply shaders to your UI to create advanced custom effects like shine, blur or water ripples. With Cascades you can create nice transitions and smooth handovers between screens, add particle effects like smoke, rain and snow or add behavior like wind and gravity.

Maximize utilization of the chipset

Hardware acceleration can be used for both 2D and 3D user interfaces without affecting the way the UI is developed. Many new handsets come with state-of-the-art GPU capabilities, that are often largely unused. TAT Cascades maximizes hardware utilization through OpenGL ES acceleration without extra effort from developers. With TAT Cascades you can also easily prototype and evaluate your new ideas and concepts on the latest hardware.

Develop high-end UIs faster with more flexibility

With TAT Home, device manufacturers and operators can change the look and feel of the Android home screen, and add custom widgets, e.g. placing customer services functionality on the top level of the UI. Unlike most other home screen replacements, TAT Home supports all standard Android features.

TAT Motion Lab and Android

TAT Motion Lab, the UI development tool for TAT Cascades, works well with the Android tool chain. With Motion Lab you get access to templates, examples and documentation. Reuse pre-packed building blocks or create your own. And you can deploy your Cascades UI directly from Motion Lab to the device without writing a single line of Java code.