TAT joins a larger tribe

By:Paul Blomdahl  Posted in:News

We’ve always been passionate about great user experiences and the interaction between people and devices. Our software and concepts are used in hundreds of millions of mobile devices, cars and consumer electronics products.

Today we’re very excited as we are announcing that we’re taking a huge leap towards our vision to help create a full user experience for a great line of devices and products.

Today TAT has agreed to become a part of Research in Motion (RIM).

Of course we will honor our current agreements and service our existing customers and have taken all the necessary steps to keep the two commitments separated.

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Comments on TAT joins a larger tribe

  1. Congratulations on the acquisition. I’m really excited to see where you take RIM products; a great (Canadian) company with TAT sauce on the inside. Awesome!

  2. Avshalom

    That’s great news.

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  7. John

    Excellent news! I can’t wait to see your UI on BlackBerry! I’m sure it will be awesome!

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  9. Derek

    Can’t wait to see the awesome user interface and experience TAT will bring to bb

  10. The combination of TAT and QNX (another recent acquisition) should result in best of breed devices. Here’s hoping TAT ui will make an appearance on the upcoming ‘playbook’

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  13. Damian M

    This is just what RIM needs! A fresh new look! Roll on the Playbook, I really think RIM are on to a winner here…watch out Apple and Android!!!

  14. Congratulations. You guys make awesome interfaces, so an acquisition by RIM or a similar company was to be expected. Nice one!

  15. Mark

    Good move guys…. you will do awesome things with RIM, and where they are going.. very very nice synergies!!

    Exciting times

    Rock it up hardcore!!

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  17. Almudena

    Congratulations and welcome to the tribe!!! You make really awesome things!!!

  18. Almudena

    Congratulations and welcome to the tribe. You make really awesome things!!

  19. Xavior
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  21. Oomung

    Congrats, but I think you guys are worth WAY more than Blackberry, you deserve to be where the real money is, Android.

  22. Todd

    I’m totally pumped about what you guys can and will do for the BB platform. Whatever you do, make sure they remember why they wanted you and why you said yes! Make technology do what it’s supposed to do… make people realize that the dream of what could be, doesn’t have to stay that way.