TAT explores the future of screens at CAT

By:Ola Larsén  Posted in:News

Fredrik Ademar will make a speech at the upcoming CAT conference in London, UK November 10, 2010. At CAT – Creativity and Technology – Fredrik will present on the topic “Mobile interfaces and the ubiquitous-screen future.”

Today, marketing and advertising are increasingly influenced by new technological trends. CAT stands out as a forum for the best minds in the field to discuss how creativity can be fostered through technology. The event consists of presentations, discussions and A-list creative case studies; a gallery where tech suppliers will showcase their products in the context of the work that they’ve enabled; and breakout rooms where tech suppliers can interact personally with creatives and provide hands on learning.

The Astonishing Tribe has lived up to its name with its eye-popping and assumption-busting experiments, things like Recognizr and, more recently, its Future of Screen Technology video. This technology and design company will discuss

that future and the future of mobile user interfaces and open innovation.

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