TAT Cascades 3.8 now available

By:Christian Vikingsson  Posted in:Development

The TAT Cascades Product Suite keeps improving! Version 3.8 adds major features such as Cascades Monitor and Motion Lab split view editing. We have also been working closely with our customers and made adjustments to make sure that the features of Cascades better meet the needs of their particular UI projects. The release includes upgrades to TAT Cascades, TAT Kastor, TAT Motion Lab and TAT Cascades for Android.

Cascades Monitor

Cascades Monitor is a new tool for identifying and analyzing performance bottlenecks in your Cascades applications. As you run your application on the device, performance and TML profiling data is being fed back to your computer. This allows you to verify that things are running smoothly on the target device from the very start of the project.
New APIs have been added for inserting custom measuring points, showing how much time is spent in Cascades code, in the integration layer, and in application code.

Motion Lab split view and greatly improved visual editing

TAT Motion Lab – the Cascades desktop development tool – has been upgraded with split view, making it possible to edit your code in text and visual mode side-by-side. Motion Lab is now also running the entire Cascades project in the visual editor, allowing editing of visuals as they would appear on the device, and improved data binding resolving.

Improvements & bugfixes

TAT Cascades version 3.8 includes a number of highlights such as drag-and-drop support in TreeLists, Custom Layouts, Application Contexts, and even better OpenGL ES Performance.
In addition, have made over 200 improvements, optimizations and bug fixes. If you are a customer, complete release notes are available on the TAT developer site.

Comments on TAT Cascades 3.8 now available

  1. Marcel Soulier

    Where can i buy or download “TAT Cascades” or TAT Home. i cant´t find out a Shop or download links.

    • Christian Vikingsson

      Hello Marcel,

      Both TAT Cascades and TAT Home are products that we currently mainly sell to hardware manufacturers, network operators and service providers. You can contact our sales department at sales@tat.se if you have any questions or want more info.

  2. sanjay

    hi tat,
    just came across your new cutting edge technology on the new Fujitsu new dual sim phone,
    i am interested in a phone like that,
    when re you guys launching?
    is it possible to know about the product in more detail..