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That’s right! This is a unique opportunity to try out three Live Wallpapers from TAT. Normally, TAT only creates these kinds of wallpapers for device manufacturers and network operators. Now we’re releasing three TAT-designed, interactive wallpapers for free, to show off some of the cool things we can do with our powerful TAT Cascades™ UI framework. Our three promotional wallpapers are:

Artemia: a soothing, yet spectacular undersea wallpaper
Artemia is the beautiful home of glowing creatures. Poke them to make them swim a bit faster or tap on the water to see bubbles. Try catching a glimpse of the largest creature in the ocean! Artemia changes dynamically throughout the day, and it even responds when you charge your Android device.

Blue Range: a fun, isometric and living landscape
This fun loving live wallpaper is full of animals with great personalities. Poke them and see what happens! You can affect land elevation and tilt trees and flowers by moving the phone. Watch darkness fall during the nighttime and don’t miss the cool sunbeam effect while charging your device…

Retro Pixels: a game-like wallpaper with old school aesthetics
Explore a retro-style pixelated world. Flowers bloom when you receive text messages and calls, leaves fall when you shake the phone, and at night the moon rises. This wallpaper also has four hidden secrets. Will you be able to find them all? And can you really trust the duck?

Check out the trailer below, then go get the live wallpapers for free from Android Market!

Artemia QR code or download directly from your Android phone
Artemia needs access to the accelerometer.
The world in Artemia will rotate when the device is tilted. Bubbles will appear when the device is shaken.

Blue Range QR code or download directly from your Android phone
Blue Range needs access to the accelerometer.
The trees in Blue Range will lean with the device when tilted.

Retro Pixels QR code or download directly from your Android phone
Retro Pixels needs access to sms/contact data and accelerometer.
The flowers in Retro Pixels will bloom when texts and calls are received. Leaves will fall off the tree when the device is shaken.

Supported Devices
Samsung Galaxy S
HTC Desire
HTC Nexus One
Motorola Milestone/Droid

Comments on Free TAT Live Wallpapers for Android

  1. Juan

    The links are broken :/

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  3. Mike

    Will you optimize these for CyanogenMod6?

    • Hi Mike

      We optimize our products continuously both towards Android and chipsets provided in these phones. Especially with towards different OpenGL chips. So to answer you, no we will not optimize towards CyanogenMod6 specifically, but there will be optimizations.

  4. Daham

    Both the QR codes as well as hyper links for both retro pixel & blue range are broken. Any chance we could get alternative links? Seems that they have been removed from the android market as well. :(

    • Hi Daham

      Thank you for making us aware of the broken links, we’ve updated them now. Android market have been behaving sketchily regarding these wallpapers for us. Could you tell me where you are and what phone you are using, this will help us in tracking down why they seem to be invisible where they should be available!

      • D.Bentley

        I am using a Samsung Epic with the super amoled screen and links to the Blue Range and retro pixels are broken…

        Also, entering manually into droid market does not produce results either!!!

        I was REALLY looking forward to checking these out as they seem to me to be the most innovative live wallpapers I have seen…

        What is going on here? Could you please figure this out and get a fix going?

      • Dave

        I’m on a Nexus 1 and I could only access Artemia. The other barcodes don’t work and I can’t find them by searching the market. Even when I search for ‘The Astonishing Tribe’, it only returns Artemia.

        That said, these are still great. Thanks!

      • roger llorens

        I’ve tried just now with my Galaxy S and I can’t take the retro pixel & Blue range neither with QR nor direct download.

        I’ll keep on trying.

      • James

        The links still appear to be broken. I have a HTC Desire and I only link for Artemia seems to work. I have tried to search for these in Android market but again only Artemia appears.

      • Christopher

        Unfortunately only the Artemia is showing up in the market for me. I have the retro pixels already, even though that one now isn’t on the market, and would like blue range. I have an HTC evo.

      • Daham

        Tks Jolar, Seems you have commented with the reason why those two fantastic wallpapers don’t work… Sadly my lovely phone is a SE X10 mini pro with a QVGA screen. I wish i had more money to go for a better qwerty equipped phone (Desire Z comes to mind) but for my 1st Android, im totally in love with it! :)

        I guess in future, when someday i upgrade, this is the 1st site i’m going to visit! :)

        Tks a lot for making such a awesome set of wallpapers though i guess i won’t really see them for a few years atleast! :(

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  11. Yogini Pimpalgaonkar

    All the wallpapers are too good.
    Can any one suggest the best practices to be follow while developing such wallpapers, to increase the performance and to avoid out of memory issues ?

    Thanks in advance.

  12. Nathaniel

    Hey! None of the QR links are working on my Milestone, any chance of an alternate download link?

  13. Orici

    Please post a changelog for version 1.1 of Artemia

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  15. None of the links/QR codes work on my Samsung Captivate =((