TAT to join a larger tribe

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We’ve always been passionate about great user experiences and the interaction between people and devices. Our software and concepts are used in hundreds of millions of mobile devices, cars and consumer electronics products.

Today we’re very excited as we are announcing that we’re taking a huge leap towards our vision to help create a full user experience for a great line of devices and products.

Today TAT has agreed to become a part of Research In Motion (RIM).

Of course we will honor our current agreements and service our existing customers and have taken all the necessary steps to keep the two commitments separated.

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TAT at Mobile Monday Berlin and iSuppli European Briefings

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Meet with TAT in Germany, November 29th-December 2nd in Berlin, at two upcoming events; the five year anniversary of Mobile Monday Berlin, and the iSuppli European Briefings.

TAT’s Vice President of Marketing Ola Larsén will talk on the subject “Exploring the future of screens” and how to enable a cross device connected user experience, with focus on the future role of tablets.

In his talks, Ola will address:

  • The importance of context in user interface design
  • The evolution of the tablet UX
  • Stereoscopic 3D and other UX enhancers
  • Shared UI among several screens
  • New UI enabling technologies

About Mobile Monday Berlin:

MobileMonday is a global community of mobile industry visionaries, developers and influentials fostering cooperation and cross-border business development through virtual and live networking events to share ideas, best practices and trends from global markets.

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About iSuppli:

The global macroeconomic recession of 2009 will continue to have dramatic implications for the electronics value chain. With revenues falling by as much as 50% in some electronics sectors and with entire markets undergoing fundamental changes, the ‘renewed economy’ requires every participant in the electronics value chain to review and adjust their business strategies.

iSuppli analysts and executives will present an in-depth examination of different strategies for surviving and thriving in the renewed economy and will be joined by several leading industry speakers.

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TAT explores the future of screens at CAT

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Fredrik Ademar will make a speech at the upcoming CAT conference in London, UK November 10, 2010. At CAT – Creativity and Technology – Fredrik will present on the topic “Mobile interfaces and the ubiquitous-screen future.”

Today, marketing and advertising are increasingly influenced by new technological trends. CAT stands out as a forum for the best minds in the field to discuss how creativity can be fostered through technology. The event consists of presentations, discussions and A-list creative case studies; a gallery where tech suppliers will showcase their products in the context of the work that they’ve enabled; and breakout rooms where tech suppliers can interact personally with creatives and provide hands on learning.

The Astonishing Tribe has lived up to its name with its eye-popping and assumption-busting experiments, things like Recognizr and, more recently, its Future of Screen Technology video. This technology and design company will discuss

that future and the future of mobile user interfaces and open innovation.

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TAT presents at the Intel MeeGo Tablet Roadshow in Korea

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Join TAT’s Vice President of Marketing Ola Larsén at the upcoming Intel MeeGo Tablet Roadshow taking place in Korea November 4th, 2010. TAT will talk about how to enable a cross device connected user experience and the future role of tablets.

The MeeGo Tablet Roadshow is a worldwide Intel sponsored event to drive Open Source developer awareness for the MeeGo project based on consumption target potential, location of large OS developer communities, and geo mix of Atom powered devices.

In his talk, Ola will address:

  • The importance of context in user interface design
  • The evolution of the tablet UX
  • Stereoscopic 3D and other UX enhancers
  • Shared UI among several screens
  • New UI enabling technologies

TAT will also have a demo pod at the event showcasing S3D, Horizon Maps & Lists, TAT Home, Velvet on MeeGo and more.

To book a meeting with TAT at the event, please e-mail Yoonie Choi at:

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TAT at PayPal X Innovate Developer Conference 2010

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Meet the Tribe at PayPal’s annual developer event and experience innovative user interface demos that might end up on your device in a year or two. TAT is the user interface company that enabled the UI for PayPal’s iPhone application.

“PayPal chose TAT to design the user interface for the PayPal Mobile for iPhone application because they turn sophisticated online applications into attractive and easy to use mobile applications,” said Laura Chambers, Senior Director of PayPal Mobile.

Experience novel solutions like TAT Home – an Android home screen replacement, 2D/3D enabled features like Horizon Maps and Lists, and more. TAT will exhibit in booth S15 on the show floor and if you would like to book a meeting with TAT at the conference, please e-mail Mr. Bill Beltz at

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About the conference:
October 26–27th, 2010, San Francisco, CA
The future of money starts here. Are you in?
Join us for the only developer conference dedicated to payments where you can:

  • Integrate payments in your site, app, game or digital goods solution.
  • Get your hands on sample code in 48 tech sessions.
  • Hear major announcements on trends that are transforming business – mobile, social buying, Internet-enabled local commerce

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TAT presents at Open Mobile Summit, USA

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TAT’s Hampus Jakobsson, Vice President of Business Development and Co-founder, will speak at the upcoming Open Mobile Summit in San Francisco, CA, November 8–10, 2010. Hampus, an acclaimed speaker in the mobile space, brings fresh insights into current trends in user experiences and innovative user interfaces.

At the upcoming Open Mobile Summit Hampus will address the topic: “Connected Devices and the Invisible UI: New Revenue Opportunities Across the Ecosystem”

Hampus will discuss what is happening in the connected electronics space, with focus on these key aspects:

  • The latest connected electronics categories: From the e-book to the shoe
  • Converged or dedicated devices: What’s the user’s view?
  • What matters in the new world of consumer electronics? Why Apple’s and Amazon’s models work, and why Google’s might work
  • Where are the business opportunities for device vendors, content owners and operators?

Don’t miss this great opportunity to meet face-to-face with TAT representatives at the event.

About the conference:
Since launching in 2008, The Open Mobile Summit has quickly become the definitive industry Summit for leaders of the new converged mobile economy. Together we will build and monetize the open mobile Internet.

This November, 500 world-leaders from operators, handset and consumer electronics manufacturers, to Internet giants, media and publishing firms, ad agencies and application developers will meet in San Francisco to explore the future.

It’s not often that you get the heads of these great and diverse industries – from the VP to the C-level – together in one room. The result is a high-octane discussion that will shed light on future opportunities in the converged ecosystem. Not to mention powerful networking possibilities.

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Join TAT at SAE and SID automotive events

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At the SAE Convergence Conference and Exhibition, TAT will show HMI demos in the QNX Connected Car as well as in the Freescale MadMax car. SAE Convergence is held in Detroit, USA on the 19–20th of October 2010.

For over 30 years, the Convergence® Conference and Exhibition has served the automotive and transportation electronics community by delivering relevant technology solutions and an electrifying line-up of invited speakers and presenters addressing “hot-button” topics. Taking place biennially in Detroit, Michigan – right in the heart of the global automotive technical center – Convergence has earned world-wide recognition as the premier transportation electronics event attracting leading executives, engineers and technologists from around the globe.

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Moreover, TAT’s James Haliburton will speak at the SID Vehicles and Photons Symposium being held in Dearborn, MI, USA on October 21st 2010. James will speak on the topic “Creating engaging HMIs”

Cars are, in essence, personal mobile devices. More than simply a means of transportation, they are also vehicles of communication and entertainment. Drivers are not just drivers, they are becoming “users” – a term found far more frequently within the mobile software industry. While driving, these users are actively downloading content, engaging in complex entertainment services, having social experiences and much more. All of this behavior takes place in a multitude of contexts and situations depending on when and where a user has driven.

James will address these four areas in his talk:

  • Ecosystem
  • Connectivity, Consumption, Customization
  • Automotive needs to drive integration
  • Tools and Processes

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Connectivity, Consumption, Customization

TAT chosen by Fujitsu for pioneering dual screen phone

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TAT The Astonishing Tribe today announced that Fujitsu Japan will reveal a ground breaking dual screen mobile phone user interface (UI) powered by TAT’s design and technology initiatives. TAT was chosen by Fujitsu for its capabilities in innovative UI design and its cutting-edge UI technology for realization of the futuristic ideas on screen.

Going dual screen radically changes the user interaction and requires advanced design and a highly capable UI Framework. “Enhancing and innovating the user experience is our passion and we have enjoyed working with Fujitsu mobile phone UI engineers on this novel device.”, says Charlotta Falvin, CEO, TAT. “Our UI technology is built to effectively incorporate new design advancements, and we appreciate greatly to apply it together with an innovative team like the one at Fujitsu”.

“Fujitsu is committed to be in the fore front of mobile phone innovation and with the new dual screen interface.”, says Takeshi Ueno, Director, UI planning director, for the Mobile Phone Group of Fujitsu. “We are delighted that TAT’s UI technology enables the type of new design paradigms to create advanced UI. We are looking forward to other innovative collaborations with TAT to enrich our UI.”

The new Fujitsu mobile phone (a test model) will be showcased at CEATEC 2010 in Tokyo, Japan – October 5-9th, 2010.

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TAT @ Android Only

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It has never been easier to build a smartphone
TAT @ Android Only – It has never been easier to build a smartphone
TAT´s Ludvig Linge will speak at the upcoming Android Only conference on the 29-30th of September 2010, Stockholm, Sweden. Android, combined with the rise of more advanced ODM hardware manufacturers, open up the possibility for almost anyone to build their own customized smartphone. This has become especially interesting for Mobile Network Operators having a history of fighting numerous battles with big brand OEM manufacturers to get a say in the customization of their phones.

Today, an independent software and design company such as TAT can have a direct dialogue with an Operator to create a software package that can run on any standard Android phone. This software becomes a “live specification” for the phone that can be used to find a suitable hardware manufacturer. Hardware, with their corresponding cost, from ODM manufacturers such as ZTE and Huawei can then easily be compared and prices negotiated.

Now, when the entry barrier for building a smartphone is extremely low, attractive differentiation is more important than ever. The user interface, applications and services play a major role in attracting consumers to a particular device. I will end the talk by showing some examples of what future differentiation for smartphones might look like and why the Iphone suddenly might look really old-fashioned.

About Android Only:
The Android platform is growing at a furious pace. Google´s free device platform is being chosen and used for far more than just mobile phones.

We have talks on how to leverage the locational and social features of Android, on how to develop stunning mobile games, how to integrate several Android form factors into your design process and, of course, some truly hard-core programming Jutsu for all dedicated Droidokas.

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